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Starting School at St Peter's

At St Peter’s we are committed to providing a safe, positive, caring and welcoming school that caters for all individual differences and needs and educates the whole child.


We encourage and enjoy family participation in all areas of school life to develop a true partnership in learning.


Starting school is an exciting time for children and parents. Our Foundation Transition Program aims to familiarise children and parents with our school facilities, the learning environment and our teachers and staff. This is achieved through fun and engaging transition sessions where the children have the opportunity to socialise and make connections with their peers and future teachers.


We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our wonderful school community.

Foundation Transition Program

St Peter's Storytime

Come along to St Peter’s for a casual, friendly storytime session. A great opportunity to familiarise your child with the school, and particularly good for anxious or concerned children. Younger siblings are welcome to come along!

Wednesday 6th September 9:15am - 9:50am

Wednesday 13th September 9:15am - 9:50am

Tuesday 3rd October 9:15am - 9:50am

Tuesday 10th October 9:15am - 9:50am

Our 2024 Foundation students are invited to visit St Peter's for Storytime.png
Small Group Transition Program


Designed to gently immerse your child into Foundation, these small group sessions will introduce them to the classrooms, the teachers, the wider school environment and what school life is like at St Peter’s.

They will be held during the week of Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November.

There will be a maximum of 10 children per session.

There are three sessions per day.

Session 1 9:00am to 9:45am

Session 2 10:00am to 10:45am

Session 3 12:00pm to 12:45pm

Further details will be provided closer to the dates.

Whole Cohort Transition Dates


These whole cohort sessions are an opportunity for your child to experience what life is going to be like in a Foundation classroom, to meet new people, and to practise the routine of being “dropped off” to school.

Wednesday 15th November 9:15am to 10:30am

Tuesday 21st November  9:15am to 10:30am

Monday 27th November  9:15am to 10:30am

Further details will be provided closer to the dates.

Foundation 2024 Parent Information Night


We highly encourage the parents/guardians of our 2024 Foundation students, particularly those new to St Peter’s to attend the Foundation Parent Information Night on Thursday 19th October 2023.

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from the teachers about what life will be like for your child at St Peter’s, and an opportunity to ask questions and meet other new families.

Start of the Year

Day one for Foundation students in 2024 is Wednesday 31st January.

From Week 2 to Week 5 of school, Foundation students DO NOT come to school on Wednesdays. This is firstly, to allow the students time to slowly adjust to primary school life, and secondly it allows the teachers to conduct testing on the students.


You will be asked to select a 30 minute testing time-slot on one of these Wednesdays. Simple Literacy and Numeracy tasks will be completed in this time which enable the teachers to tailor learning activities to suit your child.


From Monday 4th March, all Foundation students will be full time at St Peter’s!


St Peter’s Storytime

Small Group Transition Program

Whole Cohort Transition Program

Foundation 2024 Parent Information Night

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